Saturday Subway Ride

The subway is always super crowded on the weekends, and while I generally try to avoid it at all costs, I HAD get to the global textile show at the Met before heading back to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving. I ended up missing my stop and having to backtrack because I was so zoned in to drawing all the people. I do this a lot, especially on Dalvero trips, and then I end up being late for crit! I ought to start setting an alarm when I draw…

11-24-13 2c copy.jpg
11-24-13 2b copy.jpg
11-24-13 8c.jpg
11-24-13 2.jpg
11-24-13 6 copy.jpg
11-24-13 3.jpg

There was lots of hand-holding, fuzzy sweaters, texting, (hungover) people sleeping, and minimal eye contact. Except the guy in the red sweatshirt. He really wanted me to draw him, and as I did so, he began telling me how he was in jail this time last year, for some reason I couldn't hear, and then he started sobbing and saying he felt like he was going insane. The whole time I didn't say a word, I just drew him (That's why I missed my stop). It was kind of scary but also kind of heartbreaking. When he saw the drawing he said I was cold because I made him look rough. I'll tell you man, weird shit happens when you draw in public...

11-24-13 4.jpg