March for Our Lives

Yesterday I walked and drew alongside thousands of children, teenagers, their parents, other adults and elderly folks during March for Our Lives. 

3.23.18 March for Our Lives.jpg

I walked from my studio across the Morrison Bridge, over to SW 6th and Alder where I found the crowd. As I got within a few blocks from the march I could really feel the energy. It felt sad and angry, positive and hopeful at the same time. There was a marching band that was stopped at the corner getting everyone dancing and smiling. It was raining, so I tucked under the overhang to make my first drawing.

3.23.18 Arms Are for Hugging.jpg

The crowds poured down the street toward Pioneer Courthouse Square, where there would be speeches and a free concert by Portugal. The Man. This little boy with the 'arms are for hugging' sign really melted my heart.

3.23.18 Rage Against the Machine Guns.jpg

The band moved on, and I trotted alongside them in the rain while I drew. I was NOT looking where I was going, but thankfully folks seemed to just stream around me. 

3.23.18 Vote Em Out.jpg

While I was doing the drawing above, the sweetest elderly woman saw me drawing, burst out "I LOVE YOU!" and dashed over to tell me she is also an artist and a poet and to encourage me to GET SEEN! <3 

3.23.18 No More.jpg

I paused again under the awning at Nordstrom on Broadway while people gathered in the square. The speeches began, and Portugal. The Man started performing, so I finished the above drawing, scurried over to the stairs outside Starbucks and wedged myself between two groups of teens to draw the performance.

3.23.18 Portugal the man.jpg

I caught 'Feel it Still,' (a favorite of mine at the moment) and their cover of Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A Changin,' which made me tear up a bit as I drew. As dismal as things seem politically right now, it was good to feel the solidarity and heartening to see such a massive turnout of future and current voters who are showing up to create a world where everyone feels safe.