Myrtle Village Green

Garden Sign.jpg

I forgot to mention; I got my very own key to the Myrtle Village Green community garden today! It's like having a key to Narnia or something... step inside and the concrete jungle suddenly becomes an actual jungle! The garden even has its own kitten, as of now unnamed, and she is the sweetest, most loving little thing. She wanders from person to person seeking chin rubs. And chickens! There are chickens! So maybe it's not exactly a jungle per se, but that's about as close as we get to wildlife in Brooklyn...

Just about a year ago, the space was a barren vacant lot, one of an estimated 596 acres of vacant public land in Brooklyn. A dedicated group of people have worked incredibly hard to repurpose this public space to become an area that all members of the community can enjoy. You can apply for your own garden bed, or you can take advantage of the community garden beds that the public is invited to pick from. I've had the pleasure of watching the space bloom (literally) over the past year or so, and the transformation has been truly amazing. 


This key business is super exciting because I can now go draw whenever I want. A large portion of my senior thesis project involves reportage illustration of the garden, and up until now I have only had access on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4 PM, IF a gardener is there. The restricted access is due to a select few individuals who have been stealing produce from other families' garden beds :( Totally uncool. 

Here are a couple snippets from my location sketchbook, as well as some possible textile motifs based on the herb garden. When it gets a little cooler outside, I'm going to go back to the chicken coop, but let's just say the herb garden smells a lot better in the heat ;) 

09-24-13 A.jpg
9-24-13 B.jpg
9-24-13 C.jpg
9-24-13 D.jpg