Labor Day

© Carly Larsson 2015

© Carly Larsson 2015

Happy Labor Day! This summer flew by, and was a busy one for me. While I didn't get much  vacation time this year, I'm grateful to have had a few opportunities to slow down and do some drawing just for me. Here's a quick sunset painting from early August, at one of my favorite spots in Pocasset, on Cape Cod MA, where I grew up. 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Late post today - deadline tomorrow! Here's a painting I did a couple Sundays ago at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Marsh Landscape

Here's another landscape painting I did while home on Cape Cod in September just as the colors began to change.

Cape Cod Landscape

Late posting today - it's going to be tough to keep up this week as I'm working towards a deadline. So here's the first of a series of short & sweet posts! There are a lot of these landscapes, but you just get one for now ;) This was done at the beach on Cape Cod just as the fall colors began to show. That's a big beautiful piece of driftwood that I'm obsessed with in the middle. Surprisingly this is the first painting I've done of it- I've taken about 10,000 photographs.

© Carly Larsson 2014

© Carly Larsson 2014


Some studies of my parents' houseplants from a rainy Labor Day - soon to be a new pattern! I'm so drawn to houseplants (no pun intended), probably because I can't have any of my own (our cat eats them). I'd be more specific about the types of plants these are, but to be honest I have no idea. When I texted my mom to ask, her response was: "I'm not good with plants. That one is already dead. Very happy you captured it in its prime." Haha!